Anonymous DEMANDED:

i love ur art. you are gr8

Hey! Thank you! :)))

Anonymous DEMANDED:

"i think i'll surprise john. who knows, jump out of a cake!" not "john might have a cake" lol

Yup, I’m deaf. 

only-a-time-lords-hearts DEMANDED:

Ha, I love your header and Sherlock series 3 thing! It's all gorgeously silly and you deserve all the notes. Mazel tov!

Oh thank you so very much! I can’t believe how much attention it’s got, I’m so humbled! 
-stammers and falls to the ground- Thankyou.

Anonymous DEMANDED:

You're beautiful inside and out. Have a lovely day ❤

That’s so sweet. Right back at ya stranger.

anquieses-dances DEMANDED:

Julian Casablancas was here.

Tell him he needs new gloves.